What a great gift for every dog owner!  Our large bone shaped tin contains 2 freshness sealed biscuit bags of your choice.  Once the bags are opened, our tin will keep your Blissful Biscuits fresh for months (the perfect cool and dry storage place).  Keep it to store all your future biscuit purchases. It's a decorative addition to any kitchen counter, and great gift for all canine pals. Choose from our Lunchbox, Hana Deka Tin, Regular Tin, or Christmas I Tins. Indicate biscuit choices and choice of container on order form or in cart check out, and we'll fill your order accordingly.  (If no choices are made, first available will be sent)

*Tin designs may change. Specify design choice of tin or lunchbox in cart form under "Special Instructions"
(Style is not guaranteed - based on availability)

Actual size is 9 x 5 x 3-1/8" H

Regular Tins Christmas 1 Tins
Regular Tins
Christmas 1 Tins
Hana Deka Club Tins
Hana Deka Club Lunch Boxs
Hana Deka Club Tins
Hana Deka Club Lunch Boxs

Regular Variety


Extremely Lowfat or Pumpkin Varieties




These other containers are available on every biscuit page on our website. Please feel free to browse
through the different biscuits and select any of these containers you would like!

Latch-Top Tin
Christmas Canister
Latch-Top Tin Christmas Canister
Paw Print Tin
Clear Pail
Paw Print Tin Clear Pail